Psychotherapist Rudzītis: What should we do - overcome the freeze or collectively die?

"In my opinion, this is the moment when the society must understand that the Constitution has been destroyed and that neither the Saeima nor the government has a people's mandate anymore. The mandate of its freedom-loving but naive people who fought for the hard-won Latvian National Awakening. We have to get used to the fact that there are external, hostile forces to us,” wrote psychotherapist Viesturs Rudzītis on a social network, upon learning that the Constitutional Court has ruled: the statutory paternity leave after the birth of a child can also be used by the mother's homosexual girlfriend. These are efforts to break up the traditional family, and thus the society and the state. About that and much more - in this interview with Viesturs Rudzītis.
20.11.2020. Elita Veidemane
©Kaspars Krafts/F64

In the spring, you said that people were not particularly worried about the covidsituation. What is it like now that a state of emergency has been declared again?

It’s not like I walk the streets and study public opinion... If we are talking about my patients, they are not worried. There is neither anxiety nor panic. But cultural workers, hoteliers, restaurant owners, manicure artists do not come to me... Now there you could see complete grief. I thought: what if I was suddenly banned from working? Not in the way that you plan to retire and stop working, but in the way that on Friday you get notified that you will no longer work on Monday.

In addition, the President, who will soon get an increase in salary, says that now is a great opportunity for everyone to sit in their caves and philosophize the non-philosophized! Is he with his people who will have to survive this madness? The President of the people? In his dreams, maybe. We, sorry, I too, hold on to the naive notion that the government is meant to take care of us. Despite the fact that the opposite is being proven at every step, we are still incorrigibly optimistic and think: everything will be fine! It's like in Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot: Godot didn't come today, but he will definitely come tomorrow! And so every day...

We naively hope that the government will finally descend from Mars and start thinking about how to help people, not how to drive them into ground more effectively.

I feel that in the tone of your publications. And you have the right to say so, because you were there, on the barricades. I was there too. To those now in power, we have given a mandate that they should work for the people. They could ask us: what to do? This is similar to the treatment of the Knights of the Order of Lāčplēsis: they fought for and won this country. They did it with some dream of their own. To formally give an honor is a good thing, but maybe we shoul also ask: have we fulfilled your dream? Of course, these knights no longer exist. So who should you ask? Then ask yourselves, perhaps, you, the living descendants. And there are still Latvian legionnaires, there are still deportees, there are a lot of their children... So there are a lot of people to ask - have you fulfilled your part in our collective dream of Latvia?

And yet. Have people's attitudes towards life changed in the last year?

Situation keeps getting rocked. And quite thoroughly at that. But we also lack the ability to articulate what is happening. But the optimistic conclusion could be that what we are experiencing now is a light war. Analysts say there should be a real war in the world with the current situation as it is. We have no war, we have a covid, and we have a US presidential election battles in the global pyramids. There is a Russian saying: лишь бы не было войны (if only there was no war - in Russian). So we can also look from that angle... We can look at how our collective identity is expressed, how we perceive Latvia. For me, fallen soldiers and mothers who have given birth to children who they won’t keep to themselves but give to the people, this has a value far beyond whether you have eaten or not. A person's desire to live not only individually, but to experience collective values ​​as the most important - it makes the world form in the interaction between different teams. Male biochemistry is built around serotonin, which flows into the blood after winning. Women's biochemistry - around the uterine cycle. It is the same for monkeys, these are not social constructs, as the left-wing liberals claim, but biological determinants. A man depends on victories. Man is the guardian and conqueror of the territory, he is the protector of the feminine world, and this biochemistry cannot be changed. You can see a man fighting for his place of honor (serotonin), and people have a lot more opportunities to compete than animals. People have military and political, sports, cultural, scientific and other competitions. And then each of them has a tournament table: here are the winners and here are the losers. Some 250,000 people lived in the territory of Latvia 1,000 years ago, and the average distance from one settlement to another was at least 10 kilometers, that is at least two hours on foot. Communication could not be frequent. Therefore, the tournament table was formed within the settlement. The number of people increased and the settlements began to bother each other. So we had to start building bigger pyramidal structures, and over time they were created - the state, the church, the army... But today the problem is this: there are 7.5 billion people on Earth, about half are men. And biochemically, they can't not form pyramids. Therefore, we are currently seeing global transatlantic pyramids, against which Latvian male pyramids have no chance. And then we start asking: why is Kariņš’s government doing this and that? Because this government feels more loyal to that big pyramid. That is the globalization so idealized by the left-wing liberals, synonymous with the loss of national sovereignty. The government is forced to rely more on supranational bodies than on a voter who feels redundant. Turnout is falling. The next step could be the complete disappearance of citizens' interest in the elections and the transfer of power to the colonial administration, which, of course, will be called in much nicer terms.

Juris Rudevskis, a Latvian lawyer living in France and a Doctor of Law, had recently posted a lecture on the Internet on whether our deputies are our representatives. He proved that this was not the case. Is this opinion somehow related to these pyramids?

Yes. When we have cast our vote for these Members and the illusion of a national pyramid, they feel that they no longer owe us anything. They just hang around. Who will acquire them? Either these big pyramids - which is what happens most often - or the local (or not so local) oligarchs. But local oligarchs, for example, are complete zeros against Soros. Imagine, it’s the 90s. Soros arrives and says: accept me and I will give you all you need. But he immediately shows himself: Visvaldis Lācis on the board of the Soros Foundation? But he is a nationalist! And for Soros nationalist is the same as a Nazi. And we swallow the indignity. If Latvians were a politically experienced nation, we would have told Soros: get lost! But we did not.

Even more: Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga awarded this international criminal the Order of the Three Stars in 2005.

In 2009, President Zatlers visited Soros in his New York apartment. Probably received instructions. Are any of our political observers analyzing these developments? Maybe it's convenient to paddle only in your little duck pond within the confines of your narrow ideas and not see the logic of geopolitical events?

Perhaps such visits of the rulers can be compared to collaboration?

Yes, but collaboration is also a way of survival, which we have cultivated in detail. That’s how it was once. Now the collaboration is incomparably more refined and worse than then, not only in the Soviet, but in all times. But I'm thinking about the big systems again. If you are being drilled all the time - covid, covid, covid, numbers, horror, burnout, death... then it is also drilled in you that no other opinion is possible. But there are people - doctors, politicians who think differently. Self-censorship is very common in the medical environment: journalists have told me that it is not really possible to get an opinion from a doctor about what he really thinks about covid, no, not about covid, but about the hysteria surrounding the disease. They’re afraid! The same Uga Dumpis... He was given half a million euros for some kind of covidresearch. He could, of course, refuse or say, well, whatever I will discover, that will be it, we’ll see what it’ll be. But he will have to "research" in the right direction. Journalists - you too - write about it. And so what? You can't do anything to them! On the other hand, those who receive various interesting funding must keep their mouths shut. Observing the trends and events, I can conclude that everything is moving towards the destruction of national states - as Raivis Bičevskis analyzed in depth in your interview on July 22 this year (in Latvian). And how can it be destroyed? By undermining such basic state structures. Then let's start with the family! The second thing - the church. Then let's move on to journalism. What and who have remained in journalism since the Awakening? Very few. Then it’s followed by education and health. There are just terrible things going on. I read the decisions of these ministries and think: really, could you even think of something more stupid? It cannot be a coincidence.

You said that man is not just an individual being, he has a tendency to live in a collective, not isolated. What will happen to people in this time of isolation, when increasingly strict covidrules are being introduced?

We will stop acting as members of the community, as a team. We will no longer know how to. Why was Christianity made a state religion in Rome just when the Roman Empire was beginning to collapse? Because the rulers of Rome felt that although Christians were persecuted and tortured, they held together, so they were invincible. But it's better to talk to Harijs Tumans about it.

In my opinion, Latvians have never really been pronounced collectivists. More like a single farmer. It is possible that covid will not change anything in the everyday life of a Latvian: as he lived in a homestead, so he will continue to live.

It could be. However, we learned from the Baltic Germans the song festivals and a "sense of community" that is always felt and emphasized in each of them. But the thing is still this: in the last hundred years, something has happened in Latvia with a man's identity. The boys who received the Order of Lāčplēsis were not afraid to fall in the war. Before that, they were not afraid to die in street fights. These were men who were able to protect and stand for their truth. But what happened in World War II, and especially after that, was already the kneading and humiliation of a man's identity. It was a negative selection: for the most part, the strong, the proud, the rich, the gifted died, but the weak and traitors survived. They could be give nothing to the state, nor were they respected by women. But we see such a negative selection not only for men. For example, young feminists tend to be fat, ugly, and aggressive. Why? Probably to make men feel disgusted with women. Neither men's nor women's biochemistry can be changed, but it can give an advantage to the weakest, those whose biochemistry barely breathes, rather than flaming and glowing.

Complete degradation of society.

Then go further - what is our cultural policy? How national is it? Which cultural sectors are publicly funded? We recently found out that the Culture Capital Foundation has funded a strange woman who transforms women into men in some "art event". Or maybe the other way around, I don't remember. She went to tie her fallopian tubes and restore the hymen. This cultural rot is, of course, much deeper than we can imagine. It is possible that the death of culture is the harbinger of the death of civilization, and covid is only one of the signals of death. There is an opinion that the USSR was not destroyed by an economic catastrophe, but by the mass culture of the West - chewing gum, jeans, Coca-Cola and long-haired rock musicians.

In this connection, we should mention the Bulgarian politician Plamen Peskov, who says that state sovereignty has five levels - 1) foreign policy, 2) domestic policy, 3) finance and economy (money), 4) the army and 5) its cultural and historical identity. In my opinion, it is the last level that is most important, and that is where our immunity is weak, despite the fact that we consider ourselves a cultural superpower. This is only partially justified.

The question remains unanswered: what to do? And is it possible to do anything at all? Maybe it's too late?

Conservative thought and its expressors must be sought. But where is it? Where is the Lampa conversation festival for conservatives? Where is the conservative magazine Satori? Somehow all of them... are over. When the young champ Raivis Zeltīts tries to do something in this direction, he is facing the kind of propaganda fire that we have felt only from the USSR and Russia. Neatkarīgā, the newspaper you represent, is the only conservative medium. There is also one author in each Diena and Latvijas Avīze. That's it. There are still some brave and smart people who I can perceive as carriers of conservative thought - Raivis Bičevskis, Juris and Baiba Rudevski, Harijs Tumans, Leons Taivāns, leaders of Christian denominations - and many more, whom I did not mention and who have not yet stepped on the stage. We have to fight with the leadership forces that we have. But anyone who still dares to take the lead must reckon with the streams of manure in their direction, attacks on personal life, lost income and the doubts and indecision of the majority of the people. But 90% of the people are conservative! It has to either overcome this moment of freezing, or collectively die by flowing into one of the global pyramids...

Another blow to the conservative forces has just taken place: the Constitutional Court ruled that the mother's homosexual partner was also entitled to the statutory paternity leave after the birth of a child. In my opinion, this is undermining the Constitution and the foundations of the state, which, unfortunately, is also supported by the President of our country (President of Latvia: we will overcome the crisis next year). Immediately after the publication of this judgment, you recorded on Twitter: “In my opinion, this is the moment when the society must understand that the Constitution has been destroyed and that neither the Saeima nor the government has a people's mandate anymore. The mandate of its freedom-loving but naive people who fought for the hard-won Latvian National Awakening. We have to get used to the fact that there are external, hostile forces to us." What is your comment on this unprecedented event?

I am less shocked by such extraordinary events: they logically stem from the ideological pressure of globalists to continue to take away our sovereignty. They are using homosexuals who do not even know it themselves - like the workers were used by the Bolsheviks - to destroy a traditional family with which the country has a historical partnership. Rather, what shocks me is the mood of “silence of the lambs” and capitulation, which is felt by the people and is in stark contrast to the Polish and Hungarian moods in reacting to such things. Or the Danish who, with just a week of protests, made the term 'compulsory vaccination against Covid-19' disappear from government rhetoric. This situation tears at the bonds that were tied as my grandparents' ideals were to the energy of the Awakening. I feel this physically and psychologically, and I think so it is for many. And that is exactly what the globalists and their local servants want to achieve, when they ask us - in what century do you live? Maybe we should still rise up to defend our territory and our borders? Because a nation lives in all the centuries in which it has lived, just as an individual lives at every age.