Psychotherapist Viesturs Rudzītis: Evil doesn't just happen. It's much worse - it's not punished

"A father with a gay son had come to me for a consultation. He was involved in LGBT public activities. "Everyone hates me," the son said. He usually dressed in some daring clothes, filmed himself and posted the video on Instagram. Of course, all the classmates knew it, and the least they did was sneer. Some also elbowed him,” says Viesturs Rudzītis.
28.06.2021. Elita Veidemane
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An interview with psychotherapist Viesturs Rudzītis about the destructive nature of homopropaganda, about the new Hungarian law and the toothlessness of our politicians.

No one has asked us: please tell me, do you want our capital to be "decorated" by Pride in August? No, we don't want to. In addition, on Thursday, Prime Minister Kariņš signed an open letter* on behalf of Latvia (no one had delegated him to do so!) in connection with the new Hungarian law, which the European Commission considers to be discriminatory against LGBTI people. The Hungarian parliament approved the law by an overwhelming majority last week, banning educational programs and materials that promote among minors homosexuality, non-biological gender identity and gender reassignment. A lot of people, having learned about the attacks on Hungary and what is happening in Latvia, really feel bad. Is that the goal - to make everyone feel bad?

This is a very important aspect. We each have an idea of ​​what is good and what is bad, how things should happen and how they should not. The views of these people, but especially those who have great merit in rebuilding the country, yours as well, should also be taken into account, but the opposite process is taking place, and it is destroying people internally. It is a miracle that normal-minded people have not yet completely collapsed... What is happening at the moment is not the good things, but the bad. People who are quite adequate in European cultural contexts unnecessarily torment themselves with the question - maybe I'm not normal, but the audience of Eurovision is normal?...

I recently read Jim Proser's book on Jordan Peterson*. I agree with Peterson that everything in the world happens under one scenario: evil wins. For now! Not forever - there is a pendulum law. He also uses the concepts: chaos and order. He describes how chaos is winning in Canada and America today and how it is gaining ground. The same thing is happening here, only there it is with more power, with more stupidity. About 200 professors and faculty moved against Peterson, who is a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, signing a call for him to resign because he was teaching students wrong.

The same thing happened here: 60 psychologists signed the opinion that all types of families are acceptable because it turns out that families are not based on men and women, and the "families" of same-sex partners will be "in the best interests of the child". The initiator of this letter was Diāna Zande, much better known as Lāsmiņa from the film "Limousine the Colour of Midsummer's Eve". The letter can be read here, while Viesturs Rudzītis' answer can be read here.

PhDs sign such a letter, and people are not ashamed of what they do. Let's see on Monday* what the politicians of National Alliance (Nacionālā apvienība) will say about the move of Prime Minister Kariņš, which he is not ashamed of. How will the NA react to this? I think that in no real way. Maybe they'll talk a bit about it and that's all. I would like to understand what is the basis of this mechanism? What is the basis of Kariņš's concession? In my opinion, there is blackmail along with corruption, which is as strong a combination as stupidity and meanness.

And why NA is so cowardly, toothless and politically untalented - it does not protest! Enters the Saeima with conservative, national slogans and... ceases to exist! Everything happens at the "highest level": von der Leyen comes to Riga to drive around in a trolleybus, bringing an envelope with one point something billions of euros... Is it just a gift or payment for condemning Hungary? Most likely, the second option.

And now will it be possible to teach with a clear conscience in our kindergartens that homosexuality and all the acts associated with it is a good thing?

What is our reaction when we see a mother with a child? Or - a father, a mother goes to sea with children? It resonates with joy in our hearts. But what is our reaction to seeing two men walking down the street with their hands clasped? Joy, I'm sorry to say, is not it... Often there is disgust - a biological reaction that supports reproductive behavior and is opposed to infertile behavior. This internal reaction is biologically logical, especially in circumstances where we die more than we are born. You have the same feeling of disgust when you see the flashers. The latter's actions are still criminally punishable and the flasher is convicted for his victim's psychological trauma.

However, seeing the attitude towards gay actions, we realize that our feelings today are not politically respected, they are called phobias - in a name that means something completely different in medicine. Seeing foreign gay pride parades, the question arises in each of us - how can something like this be promoted as beautiful and publicly supported?

But the disgust that this organization, the LGBT, has caused against sexual minorities cannot go away. And it is very likely that there will be no one to go in that pride, except for Rinkēvičs, Streips and Kariņš. We had already been promised a hundred days of pride for the 100th anniversary of Latvia, but it somehow didn't happen, they lacked the courage...

The "other" people want to live in peace and love. Let them! But they do not have to constantly provoke the majority to cause dislike and misunderstandings, and also involve children in their activities - as the most sensitive and emotionally unstable part of society.

First of all, we must not equate LGBT and sexual minorities. There are many normal people in minorities who do not allow themselves to be used. But LGBT ideologues use Marxist propaganda technology to emphasize the role of the victim: they call out others about hating them. If there is such hatred, then it is provoked by LGBT ideologues themselves. I, for one, never ask myself the question: I wonder if this person is gay or not? I only found out that Deniss Hanovs was gay after the scandal when someone attacked him. We have met in discussions before, I found what he wrote interesting. What does this have to do with what he does in the bedroom at all? Completely nothing! So why go to such pride parades, emphasizing this very aspect?

It is also emphasized that they are not allowed to start a family, they cannot marry, they cannot inherit, and so on.

Speaking of inheritance: Baiba Rudevska, a Doctor of Law and lawyer, has developed a system of proposals that incorporates existing laws - what needs to be done to ensure that legal needs for gay people are met without affecting the institution of marriage. But somehow no one is interested, because the main thing is to shout, to gain the power of the victim.

If we are talking about the family, it is a word reserved for those who create children, and I hope that we will win this difficult struggle, including with ourselves, to enshrine it in our Constitution forever. I am one of the founders of the Latvian Men's Association, and we are going to initiate a referendum on clarifying Article 110 of the Constitution. The word "relationship" suits homosexuals well enough.

Sometimes it is impossible to understand: who is crazy - us or them? Us or the twelve European leaders who signed the letter condemning Hungary? How can one condemn the state's desire to protect its children from homopropaganda?

Of course, condemners, are not right upstairs. A similar law - as in Hungary now - was passed by Russia. I read the analysis of this law. I now realize that Hungarian law has almost everything the same as Russian law: no one is punished for homosexuality, but propaganda aimed at children is prohibited. And that's just normal. Should we condemn Hungary because there is a similar law in Russia? You see, some don't like that. In journalism, we have Re:Baltica and in children's sexual education - Papardes zieds, but when a Catholic organization tries to develop its programs, oh, God, everyone starts shouting! Or, for example, the Swedbank scandal over the Hungarian law. Why should a bank go into such a case? Shouldn't the bank remain neutral towards all its customers? That would be right. Some other banks also started to support "diversity"...

Also some other companies, including some supermarkets.

I can only explain like this. These companies were offered to sign a specific "support document". You can, of course, not sign it, but then we will spread the word about you that you are a homophobic company, and then some other gay-controlled companies will no longer be your customers and your partners abroad will find out. Of course, the company does not want that. And they sign! A friend whose business is entangled with politics said to me, full of confusion, "I could never have imagined that there were so many gays in politics!" Well, of course, there you can play the Marxist power of the victim, convincing yourself and others that humanity is being saved!

There is something about everything that is happening now that I find difficult to accept. It is cowardice. However, it does not require much from you, only a clear, honest reaction. After all, you will not be sent to the concentration camp if you express your thoughts, although there will be consequences. But, no, let's stay silent collectively! Oh, so that no one messes with our careers! Snowflakes... Read what a battle Jordan Peterson has had, to stay who he is!

And what else surprises me. The electorate of the Harmony (Saskaņa) party. They are mostly Russians. They are much more intolerant, emotional and principled about gay issues than the Latvian party electorate. And suddenly this party has become so rainbowy that MEP Nils Ušakovs joins the European Parliament's LGBTI Intergroup, which promotes and protects LGBTI fundamental rights! Why don't the Russians grab their Harmony "by the balls"?

Perhaps they also suspect that any innocent phrase will soon become hate speech for which they can be imprisoned.

Jordan Peterson, who I have already mentioned, told how he fought for the Canadian Parliament not to pass a law on hate speech. He made scientific arguments in the upper house of parliament, with references to research, questions were asked, there was a discussion... On the second day, the law on hate speech was passed unanimously, as if there were no such civic and intellectually saturated donation.

Blackmail and corruption again?

Yes, an effective combination, along with stupidity and meanness.

Have you noticed how LGBT propaganda affects children?

I look at my grandchildren. They are immune to it. But when it comes to choosing schools to send them to... Some have a distinctly gay atmosphere.

What do you mean?

At those school, gays show themselves off.


Yes. My daughters and grandchildren will not turn against it, but they will distance themselves from it, there are other schools.

Maybe it's just pretending, maybe it seems cool to them. They can't be gay.

A father with a gay son had come to me for a consultation. He was involved in LGBT public activities. "Everyone hates me," the son said. He usually dressed in some daring clothes, filmed himself and posted the video on Instagram. Of course, all the classmates knew it, and the least they did was sneer. Some also elbowed him. He felt that he was being humiliated. His father tried to persuade him to come to his senses: “You will ruin your life! Don't show off all this nonsense!” "You don't understand anything," the boy replied.

Hopefully, this poor guy will be cured - the teenage hormonal storms will end and he will grow up. But homopropaganda is so massive that sometimes I lose my hopes: it is taking over Europe, including Latvia.

Totalitarianism is emerging, based on all these movements - all kinds of LGBT, BLM, etc. Our Prime Minister Kariņš may feel unpunishable. In our tiny duck pond, he behaves like an absolute ruler. At times, there is a feeling that the aim is to establish a totalitarian regime around the world, and this process is being led by forces unknown to us. And there, by the way, is something rational. Harijs Tumans can tell us how two principles of the origin of power have been fighting since ancient times. One - of God, who continues in the ruler and the hierarchical division of power. The second is from the people, which is the basis of democracy. It seems to me that something else is happening with democracy now, but whether it is from God or the devil is a big question.

Such a feeling arises though. Well, sensible people can't support, for example, all sorts of Greta Thunbergs, MeToo or the same #BlackLivesMatter - an absolutely racist and bandit movement. But why do you say - unknown forces? There is Klaus Schwab, the father of the World Economic Forum, there is his book "Covid-19: The Big Reset". The pandemic is a "window of unique opportunities" for him, which will allow us to "transform humanity", create a "new world - fairer and greener". This program includes the enslavement and total dehumanization of people on the entire planet. Such is the plan of liberal criminal Marxism, the ideologue of which is the author of this vision of technocratic fascism - Klaus Schwab.

Yes, the totalitarian system is actively developing, and Klaus Schwab has revealed it perfectly in his books. It may be that this "good intention" is to introduce a totalitarian system in order to be able to compete with totalitarian China, which is able to respond more precisely to the challenges. There are all sorts of formations - the Club of Rome*, the mysterious Bilderberg Group.

The latter - according to the assumptions - is the secret government of the world, which drives and develops the processes of globalization. Covid is allegedly also a project of the Bilderberg Group - with the aim of strengthening the power of international companies.

Possibly. I think we'll find out someday. By the way, fifty years ago, Klaus Schwab wrote exactly the same things that are being written now. The ideology of totalitarianism is unchanging. And evil doesn't just happen. It's much worse - it's not punished.

  • Hate, intolerance and discrimination have no place in our Union. That's why, today and every day, we stand for diversity and LGBTI equality so that our future generations can grow up in a Europe of equality and respect.
  • Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian-born clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He studies various pathologies, he is a researcher of social and personality psychology, with special emphasis on the psychology of religion and the psychology of ideological beliefs.
  • In response to the Prime Minister's actions, the National Alliance points out that the letter signed on behalf of Latvia has not been previously discussed among the coalition partners, therefore, the party will invite the Prime Minister to a joint sitting of the NA Board and the Saeima faction, which will take place on Monday, June 28.
  • The Club of Rome is an international organization founded in 1968, bringing together scientists, public figures, lawyers and businessmen from more than 30 countries. The aim of the club is to assess the situation in the economy, ecology, demography and other areas, as well as to determine future perspectives futurologically.


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