With the change of the ruling coalition, the current rulers could also be called criminals

KNAB's activities show that if politicians from the ZZS appoint positions - it is a crime, but if the representatives of the ruling coalition do that - then those are political discussions, explained the observer of political processes, public relations specialist and photographer Mārcis Bendiks, analyzing the so-called Dobele precedent.
21.10.2021. Uldis Dreiblats, Ritums Rozenbergs
Mārcis Bendiks, an observer of political processes, a public relations specialist, a “sorosologist” and a photographer, believes that turning political discussions between opposition Members into a criminal offense characterizes the KNAB working in the interests of the ruling politicians ©Mārtiņš ZILGALVIS, F64 Photo Agency

As it is known, the KNAB has initiated criminal proceedings for bribery against two members of the Saeima - Ralfs Nemiro (Independent (Neatkarīgie) faction) and Viktors Valainis (ZZS).

In order to achieve a change of power in Dobele, Nemiro arrived at the premises of the ZZS Saeima faction to meet with Members Viktors Valainis and Uldis Augulis with his assistant and Dobele councilor Māris Feldmanis. They talked about the appointment of positions in Dobele municipality.

Neatkarīgā asked M. Bendiks to explain whether the Members of the Saeima can be considered to have committed criminal activity if they are engaged in political negotiations on the division of positions, and whether such negotiations are reasonably comparable to the so-called Jurmalgate.

M.Bendiks explained: “That's the 'beauty' there, and that 'beauty' was not so great until the unveiling public TV programs on Sunday told that there is an assertion - the case of Dobele is the same Jurmalgate, only without money. That the negotiations between the politicians on the change of power in Dobele were bribery because there is no coalition agreement between the politicians who negotiated. If there was a coalition agreement, then it would clearly be political negotiations!

Now Valainis and Nemiro are thrown under the bus. It turns out that political negotiations can only take place on the basis of a signed coalition agreement! By this logic, two-thirds of municipal deputies should now be imprisoned, because I doubt that most local governments have coalition agreements!

Even when forming a government, a coalition agreement is signed only when the positions have already been appointed. So, ministers and leaders of the ruling parties must also be put in prison.

The most important feature when the allocation of positions is considered a crime is when it is done by the ZZS and not by the coalition parties. If the posts are divided by the Development/For! (Attīstībai/Par!), then it is a political process. See, that's the main difference. The moment the forces of power change a little, the current coalition will realize that they have built a bright future for themselves. That is why I am at peace with what is happening.

But such a definition of corruption shows the complete idiocy of the KNAB. For example, they had a report about Ilmārs Rimšēvičs. No one had seen any money, but Rimšēvičs was imprisoned for at least two nights. And it happened on the basis of a simple report. Testimonies of Māris Mičerevskis about the violation of the law on party financing at a criminal level have been published in the media. KNAB does nothing. However, Ivars Millers, the former director of the Chancellery of the President, was put behind bars for the fact that the owner of his company had given an order to transfer a donation to the biathlon federation. Then KNAB has a long enough reach. But to look a little into the thieving and lying Pūce - no. It is clear that he has stolen because Staķis gave decisive evidence in the case of Riga parking passes. He is not only a liar but also a small-time crook. He gets that pass for free, and it costs the municipality about four hundred euros. When Pūce was fully exposed, it turned out that he could have written a request and gotten this pass for 43 euros. For each month of use of the pass, he has incurred a loss to the city budget ten times greater than the real value of the service itself. It turns out that KNAB is not able to do anything in this case. Let's remember the case of Uģis Magonis. Half a million euros had been loaded in the trunk of his car. When the money was taken upon detention, it turned out that there were only 499,500 euros. Somehow that one banknote had gone missing. So it seems that they can neither keep an eye on the money nor count it so that they don't snatch one banknote for themselves. I understand that Magonis was already acquitted in the first instance. This shows the quality with which KNAB starts. They are absolute dunces. It can be seen that they do not work correctly. In fact, no one is satisfied with their work. If this continues, there will probably be changes in this area. An institution that has enormous potential but does not satisfy anyone cannot function for a long time.

Was everyone satisfied before?

In the time of Jurašs and Strīķe, they at least satisfied themselves with the recordings of all kinds of conversations, which were not published to the people. The point of those Taureņi sauna recordings was such that Jurašs and Strīķe, may she rest in peace, could keep the speakers on a short leash. When the new KNAB chief performed an audit and saw it, he asked, "What is this, why has nothing been done?" The answer was, "Well, you see, these things happen."


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