The political consequences of a state of war can be quite unexpected

The fight against the Covid pandemic is increasingly reminiscent of a world war. Fortunately, in a much lighter version compared to the wars that took place in the first half of the last century. This time, the war is not being waged between individual countries or their parts, but at the same time on two different fronts, against the virus and the spread of the disease it causes, and against those self-proclaimed internal enemies that seem to be hampering quick victory.
12.10.2021. BLBens Latkovskis

At the beginning of the pandemic, the public space was more or less united in trying to defeat the virus that had unexpectedly fallen upon humanity as soon as possible, but the longer the pandemic lasts, the more war moves to the second, that is, the internal front. The search for enemies is becoming more and more intense because, since the time of the pharaohs, the unshakable truth has not changed - if things are not going as you would like, then the culprit must be found straight away. A scapegoat.

And if there is a war, even more if it's a world war, then serious consequences are definitely expected. Also with us, in our small and local political pond. Back in the summer, when talking about the Saeima elections scheduled for next autumn, statements were popular that the topic of the pandemic would no longer be relevant in a year's time, therefore the parties focusing on Covid were acting short-sightedly. This would probably be the case if the Covid topic remained solely in the medical epidemiological dimension. However, as this issue took on a broad, overarching nature, becoming not only political but highly ideological, even quasi-religious, its political consequences may turn out to be completely unexpected. Just like in the summer of 1914, when hardly anyone could have imagined that in five years the world map would look completely different - empires would have disappeared, new countries and even new socio-economic structures would have emerged.

I am not going to say that it will be the same now, or in any way similar, but after less than two years in a pandemic, it has fundamentally changed the moral and ethical standards of the "progressive" humanity and their understanding of what is good and what is bad. It can't help but leave an impression. Moreover, it has happened so imperceptibly that blatantly trampling on the principles of democracy, marking, humiliating, segregating fellow human beings, creating segregated train carriages is declared to be perfectly acceptable for the common good of mankind.

People on social networks freely share ideas on how to reach the final solution to the unvaccinated question. Some encourage to pay only 50% of their earned pension to these "dehumanized villains", others collect signatures to deny them treatment (make them pay for it), and are not really hiding the hopes that they will soon die. People who are finally forced to line up to get the vaccine are being ridiculed with mean joy. Finally, these villains are broken, down on their knees and defeated, showing loyalty to our god. Hooray, victory!

Completely normal, intelligent, well-educated people, in a short time, as in Germany in the 1930s, came to the realization that others could be repressed and isolated for the common good. These others are dirty, endanger the rest, but, above all, they are to blame. What could be easier - get vaccinated, give up your beliefs, your identity and belong with the chosen ones. Unlike gays, Muslims, Jews, blacks, communists, and others who are false threats, these are the "real" threats.

The fact that today's seemingly "false" threats had very recently been counted as "real" does not mean anything. Those were other times, now everything is different, science has reached unprecedented heights, humanity has evolved, and soon, so soon, humanism will triumph irreversibly. A little more, and injustice in the world will be eliminated. Eternal freedom, brotherhood and equality will come. Flags of freedom will fly everywhere, and there will be unlimited love for your neighbor, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, and beyond.

That will all come tomorrow, but today we have to deal with those who are hindering the realization of this dream. With those who do not want to be vaccinated. These are the main obstacles to the triumph of progress. The fact that vaccinated people not only get can sick but also carry the infection is an unpleasant little detail that can be ignored for the time being. For a moment. However, this fact can have far-reaching consequences.

Mainly because the war may drag on. It has already dragged on for too long and society is getting tired. For the time being, thanks to the institute of scapegoats, we manage to keep this fatigue at manageable levels. The old song is still playing - we would have won a long time ago and would have lived as before if we didn't have these internal enemies - those who do not want to be vaccinated - but the examples of Israel, Singapore and other countries show that vaccination is not a universal weapon of victory.

The theory that the virus spreads in waves and is relatively unaffected by human behavior is gaining popularity. By this is meant wearing face masks and various restrictions on human activities.

The latest decisions of our government are also clearly aimed at punishing the unvaccinated, not at limiting the spread of the virus,

about which Latvia's main epidemiological guru, Uga Dumpis, expressed his dissatisfaction.

Significantly, in this situation, the chief government priests of the new faith, politicians Pavļuts and Kariņš, who used to always push the "science-based" argument, this time stand in opposition to epidemiologists and the "science" mantra without blinking an eye. As soon as the need arose. Their “bright, educated” (as they like to imagine themselves) electorate forgot about the “science-based” fact that vaccinated people also spread the virus, because the primary goal was quite different - to push the opponent to their knees and climb higher on their bodies. No matter what beautiful and humanistic slogans accompany this procedure.

But let us return to the political consequences of the protracted pandemic. The Kariņš/Pavļuts regime would have fallen long ago if it had something better than Gobzems in the opposition. But, no matter how odious Lenin with his marginal Bolshevik party seemed to Russia in 1916, the failures on the real war front and the clumsy actions of the government soon turned everything upside down. The world fell into the sinkhole of bloody terror for a long time. It is believed that the Second World War was just a sequel to the unfinished First.

Unfortunately, no matter how one would like to think that the "end of history" of justice and equality is just around the corner, and we only need to hastily hand over the reins to Selma Levrence and Greta Thunberg, the truth is much harsher. Nothing is over with Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, millions of corpses, the Holocaust, the Gulag and deportations, as T-shirts with portraits of the murderer Che Guevara, Trotsky, Mao are still in vogue, and the return of a hundred years old rhetoric (albeit in slightly different variation) to a legitimate political field shows only one - friends, things don't look good!


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