The cowardly government is saving its neck by blaming others

The coalition agreed on Monday to announce a hard lockdown from Thursday.
20.10.2021. BLBens Latkovskis

Three days were given to allow government officials to prepare at least a minimal legal and economic basis for this decision. If someone naively imagines that some secret folder "Hour of crisis" was taken from the safe of ministries, which describes in detail how to act in a similar situation, then such a person will be disappointed. The government has no plans because from the very beginning it has been operating in a one-day regime, in which there is no room for strategic decisions.

But Kariņš's government is not the first or last one to do that. What can you ask of it? The nature of people, no matter what fairy tales are told by modern progressives, does not change in general. If something has gone completely wrong, then we will definitely look for the culprits to blame for our own wrongdoings. That was the case in the 16th century, in the 20th century, and it will continue in the 21st century. In Germany, Russia, Zimbabwe and both Koreas. Latvia is no exception, and this is not a special case either.

The government has not been up to the task, it has not been able to ensure that, at the very least, there is no reintroduction of the strict lockdown, which has been considered as a thing of the past in Europe. Nothing has been done during the year to make our health system somewhat decently prepared for a crisis (which was not unexpected).

In a normal political system, the responsibility for unfulfilled, completely failed tasks would lie with the government or at least the minister responsible for the sector. Even if it is not the direct responsibility of these officials (which is not the case here). This is simply what people with the slightest remnants of honor do. No one is asking for them to commit seppuku like the ancient Japanese warlords after a lost battle. It is simply enough to take responsibility and tell the people - forgive me for not being able to justify your trust. This sounds especially noble when the official's fault is not direct or even subordinate, but he assumes it as the main person with his head held high. But how do you call a leader who has messed everything up and blames everyone else, not himself, when he has to answer for his failures? Such people are called cowards.

The guilt of Pavļuts, Kariņš and other ministers and politicians can be discussed, but there is also the responsibility that should be considered. Blaming some opposition politicians or marginal video bloggers for their own failures, blaming them for being the reason why everyone now has to go into a lockdown is fundamentally shifting the focus. Talking about the moral climate in society when the question is about who specifically has broken the window. These people are not officials and, unless they have committed some criminal activity, are not responsible for anything.

However, those responsible for the situation in the country - Kariņš and his ministers - go even further - it turns out that it is not even all those Gobzems, Šlesers and Točs who are to blame, but the dumb, unreasonable nation. Oh, our leaders are terribly unfortunate to have to deal with the nation that they have. However, they do not want to get rid of the management of this "dumb" nation. Holding onto the chairs of power with everything they have, they sit there grumbling about this failed nation.

Let us add in brackets that the nation may indeed not be very reasonable, and it is unreasonable quite often. Not only the Latvian people but any. Every manager knows that he has both more capable and less capable employees, but to blame them for not fulfilling a common task means to clearly demonstrate his lack of leadership skills.

In truth, it must be admitted that the Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts has reduced this blaming of others in recent days, and the main screamer - look, here are the culprits, catch them and drag them to the chopping block - has become Kariņš, whose statements sound like a chorus: "...because there are so many unvaccinated... society as a whole is now suffering because of unvaccinated people.”

For bringing the country entrusted to him to a lockdown, almost two years after the start of the pandemic, when there was enough time to do a lot, he apologized only to the vaccinated and clearly pointed out, in the style of the worst medieval manipulators, those who the people should be angry with - it's not us who are to blame for your difficulties. It's them - unbelievers, heretics and blasphemers!

Unfortunately, many uncritical loyalists have caught this boogeyman thrown by Kariņš, and further promote this archaic narrative of Salem witches, diverting attention from the main (responsible) culprits. To avoid misunderstandings, I would like to remind you once again that I have been vaccinated myself and also call on everyone who can to do so. However, placing the blame of their own mistakes on the actual weakest members of society (Kariņš and Pavļuts' followers always emphasize that the unvaccinated are mostly old, uneducated, uninformed, fooled, etc.) is about the same as for a coach or captain of a football or hockey team to say after a lost game - well, I did everything right, but you know, we have some weaker players on the team, and everyone lost because of them. Oh, we will punish those weak ones in the locker rooms a bit and force them to play better in the next games. Then there will be a good result.

If a coach or team captain said something like that, then fans would probably not even call him a coward, but simply a cretin. There is an old saying that the speed of a caravan is determined by its slowest camel. The essence of a person is best revealed by his attitude towards the weaker, towards the inferior. Unfortunately, Kariņš did not pass this test. Pity, he used to be a pretty decent guy before his high position obviously ruined him.


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