Faith prevents von der Leyen and her Eurocrats from fighting Lukashenko's migrants

The announcement by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen that there will be no fences at the EU's external border and that money will not be allocated to "barbed wire and walls" has caused confusion among part of Latvian society. How so? Even the EU acknowledges that the migrant crisis on the Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian border with Belarus is an element of hybrid warfare deliberately triggered by dictator Lukashenko, but tangible help is not following.
26.10.2021. BLBens Latkovskis
©European Union, 2021, Photographer: Dati Bendo

However, such a statement by von der Leyen is self-evident if one follows the global political processes. Nothing else could be expected from her. I deliberately use the word - global, not European processes, because this attitude would probably be different if not for the conceptual associations that the global political class forms with the words - wall, fence. Behind them clearly lies yellow, thining hairs and a long, red tie. How did a Latvian political commentator call him - orange orangutan?

When Eurocrats try to justify the reasons why money should not be allocated for the construction of a fence, their arguments may just as well be ignored because they are irrelevant. The key to this is the aspect of faith. As stated in modern neo-Marxist catechism - a fence is unacceptable. It is a symbol of xenophobia, and xenophobia is bad per se. As opposed to all sorts of things that can be supported, such as inclusion, an open society, open doors and embracing those who are different.

These indisputably progressive things are good in all cases, regardless of the real situation, because there cannot be a different attitude every time. You have to be consistent in your principles. Giving in to all sorts of Trumpists would mean falling back to the Dark Ages. However, you should be more careful with the Middle Ages, because the world has just been shown very clearly what price you'll have to pay for literally following the progressive sermons.

There is now a worldwide consensus that the origin of the Covid agent, the SARS-CoV-2 virus, is to be found in Wuhan, China. It can be considered with high reliability that it originated in its existing virology laboratory, although there is no absolute consensus on this issue. The neo-Marxists still cling to the earlier version of the "bat" or "wet market" origins and refuse to accept the "laboratory" origin. However, this does not matter this time. It is important that the virus originated in China, where, as we can see, it was relatively successfully mitigated (let's not talk about what methods had to be used).

Now, in retrospect, it can be seen that the main mistake made by mankind was the West's inability or unwillingness to isolate itself strictly from China, when the virus had not yet spread from there to the rest of the world, and to halt the intercontinental movement of people. Third world countries played a minor role in the global spread of the virus, as they are virtually non-international in terms of people's movement.

I remember very well how, as the pandemic spread, attitudes towards Europeans changed in ever-hospitable countries such as India. There has always been an extremely, even intrusively, favorable attitude towards white people. I've been there, and the obsessive desire of the locals to take pictures with you gets even tiring. However, when the pandemic broke out in India, attitudes changed radically, as the Indians rightly believed that it was the Europeans who brought the disease to them. As China does not have a very friendly relationship with India, mutual contacts there are also minimal.

But what was the Western reaction to the new challenge? The racist, "orange monkey" Donald Trump tried viciously to stop the movement with China. In response to this narrow-minded move, the mayor of Florence advised citizens to fight racism by demonstratively "hugging a Chinese". Flights to Riga, where there were no patients at all, were suspended, but flights to Beijing continued. U.S. Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi came to San Francisco's Chinatown specifically to stress that racism has no place in the fight against Covid-19. Those who instinctively avoided Chinese tourists in masks were publicly shamed of their narrow-mindedness.

I do not want to be misunderstood - I don't preach anything even remotely approaching racism. I just want to point out that you don't always have to look at the "gospel" of progressive ideas and literally follow every word written there. Common sense must sometimes be included, as there are times when people's natural caution and unwillingness to live with their doors always open is vital to the survival of a population. Not just in the context of a virus.

Unfortunately, for von der Leyen and the Brussels political class, when it came to evaluating giving funding to stop migration on the Belarusian border, it was once again more important what it would look like in terms of neo-Marxist "scriptures" than in the reality of Lukashenko's hybrid war. It seems to be high time to ask our elected MEPs for more than just agreeing with all this neo-Marxist schizophrenia.


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