How not to damage your health with modern diets? Insights and tips from the late nutritionist Zigurds Zariņš

Zigurds Zariņš, the founder of nutrition education in Latvia, dietician, Doctor of Medicine and assistant professor at RSU, passed away on January 8. It is not easy to be completely objective when conducting research in which the business interests of food additives and various pharmaceutical manufacturers collide. It is not easy to disagree when a large part of society becomes fascinated by a trendy diet or a lifestyle that opinion leaders declare to be "healthy".
13.01.2022. JPJuris Paiders


Don't get carried away with multivitamins!

"By choosing the right products, every person, whether they eat a lot or a little, can get the vitamins they need just by eating." Zigurds Zariņš supported the approach of pharmacologist I. Purviņš that the supply of vitamins should be ensured by a proper diet, because "the widespread advertising of vitamins diverts financial resources to the purchase of unnecessary vitamins instead of necessary food products". I. Purviņš: "More than 75% of about 1000 vitamin preparations are not recommended for use."

Zigurds Zariņš: "Multivitamin pills are worthwhile mainly for their manufacturers...The advertising of vitamin preparations should be assessed critically. It must be remembered that the main aim of advertising is profit!" ("Uztura mācība", p. 46)

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