Terms of use of the portal

1. These Terms of Use of the Portal (hereinafter - the Terms) determine the procedure by which the user of the website nra.lv (hereinafter - the Portal or nra.lv) (hereinafter - the User) is entitled to use the Portal.

2. The maintainer of nra.lv, independently or using subcontractors, is SIA “Mediju nams”, single reg. No. 40003610627 (hereinafter - Mediju Nams). Mediju Nams also owns the right to use the domain names nra.lv, tautaruna.lv (tautaruna.nra.lv), lifehacks.lv (lifehacks.nra.lv).

3. The User is any natural person who uses the Portal or its sections.

4. The Terms are binding on the User from the moment the User enters the Portal using an electronic device, regardless of further actions.

5. It is prohibited to copy, republish, modify, translate, reproduce, distribute or otherwise act on the content placed on the portal without the written permission of Mediju Nams.

6. The content of the Portal is the property of Mediju Nams (editorial content, self-advertisements), as well as the content of third parties - advertising, which on a legitimate basis and in agreement with Mediju Nams, uses the Portal as an information platform. The editorial content of the Portal may also be derived and composed (e.g. for news agency information and/or photographs).

7. If the consent of Mediju Nams has been received for the further use of its content in accordance with the essence of the agreement, it is obligatory to place a reference to the Portal.

8. With the help of user authorization (hereinafter - Profile) it is possible to use such Portal products as tautaruna.lv article commenting, tautaruna.lv discussion forum, lifehacks.lv article commenting and other Portal products, which can be found in any of the Portal sections. If the User has registered (created a Profile) in one of the products, then using the same access data, the User will be able to use any other product without additional registration.

8.1. It is possible to use existing Facebook and Twitter accounts to log in on the Portal. This will allow further access to the Portal products using one of the services' access data.

8.2. By default, the User's username (nickname), name, profile picture and content created or added by the User may be visible in all products related to the Portal.

8.3. The profile owner undertakes not to disclose his access data (username and password) to third parties. Only the owner is allowed to use the profile. If the User has reason to believe that third parties have gained access to his Profile, the User must immediately inform the administration by writing to info@nra.lv.

8.4. Mediju Nams reserves the right to delete the content added or created by the Users if violations of the terms of use have been detected, as well as to block the User Profile indefinitely without prior notice. The Terms of Use are valid until the Profile is deactivated.

8.5. In order to deactivate the Profile upon the User’s request and delete the User's personal data, the User must send a relevant request to the e-mail address: info@nra.lv, observing the procedures provided in regulatory enactments for the formatting of such an application.

9. Content added or uploaded by the User (photos, images, videos, texts, etc.) belongs to the specific User. Mediju Nams is not responsible for the content of materials published, uploaded or otherwise added by the Users. The User who has published them is solely responsible for the content of all published materials, as well as the consequences arising from the published material.

10. Article comment sections and discussion forum (tautaruna.nra.lv portal) are intended for exchange of views. Based on the provisions of this paragraph, the following are prohibited in the comment sections and forum discussions:

10.1. distributing advertising, including but not limited to political advertising or commercial information;

10.2. disseminating information that offends a person's honor and dignity, including, but not limited to, lying, disseminating threats, pornography, inciting violence, discrimination, intolerance and / or engaging in any other activity prohibited by law, disseminating information that is otherwise prohibited to publish and / or announce in compliance with the requirements of regulatory enactments;

10.3. to disseminate the data of other natural persons, as well as special categories of personal data.

11. Taking into account the provisions of Clause 4 of the Terms, the User is responsible for any consequences caused to the Mediju Nams and / or third parties if the User has not complied with the Regulations and / or the requirements of regulatory enactments in force in the Republic of Latvia.

12. Additional terms may be set for the use of certain sections and services of the portal, which in a particular case will prevail over these Terms.

13. Mediju Nams has the unilateral right to change these Terms at any time at its own discretion. Changes to these terms and conditions take effect from the moment they are published on the Portal.